Boho Chic

Friday, February 06, 2015

Boho Fashion for Spring/Summer 2015


As the sixties proved to be an inspiration for fall/winter 2014, the seventies will be for the spring/summer 2015.


Many times the greatest fashion inspirations for new looks come from the past.


The boho style that started in the ‘60s hippie look became part of high fashion by the mid-‘70s, creating the idea of a carefree wanderer.


Embracing ethnic fashions like tribal jewelry became a part of mainstream fashion by the ‘70s. Gypsy tops and long peasant-style skirts became more approachable and flattering.


Obsezz will be bringing a modern bohemian collection starting this spring. Our boho fashion for 2015 will bring the celebrity boho trends to you.


Ever since Vanessa Hudgens rose to fame, she’s made boho-chic her signature style and became the Boho Fashionista!


Vanessa Hudgens is known for her boho chic style, turns herself into a hippie princess each year for the music festival. She always manages to become the boho chic queen and successfully steals the spotlight at Coachella!